There was a time my kid was a young kid, like a baby...right?

And even though that seems like 20 years has passed in the twinkling of an eye (if you have kids that are grown, you know exactly what I'm talking about) I still remember him being at the stage where we went through about 20 million baby wipes. And here's the thing...

No matter how many times I read the word "flushable" on that box of wipes, I never ever thought, "Hey...those look flushable..." No offense to the people that manufacture wipes, but I just never thought that they should be flushed.

Well now maybe I'm not so wrong. Recently, a friend of a friend had a situation where they were flushing wipes and all of a sudden, it broke their toilet. I don't know how or why as I'm not an expert on those things, but I do know they had to call a plumber to fix their (probably) expensive problem.

And now maybe I'm not so wrong again as it's not just one person's problem in the City of Marshall, flushable wipes have become a lot of people's problem there.

According to News 10, so many people have been flushing wipes in Marshall that when the water department pulled out a lift station pump there on one of the streets, it was covered with "flushable" wipes. Since the wipes don't break down after you flush them, they can wreak havoc on people's plumbing and lift station pumps, too.

So Marshall and Michigan...and America...I urge you...please do not to flush those wipes!

Get more info here from the News 10 website.

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