The community of Maple Ridge lies at the intersection of N. Briggs and Maple Ridge roads in Arenac County, right on the border of Clayton and Mason Townships. You'll find it approximately 12 miles north of Standish.

Maple Ridge was settled in 1869 and by 1877, the population had risen to a whoppin' 100.

This was one jumpin' village in its day. You wouldn't know it to look at it these days, but Maple Ridge once boasted a bicycle shop, blacksmith, church (Methodist), dentist, district school, doctor, drug store, farm implement store, general store, grain elevator, grocery store, photography studio, post office, sawmills, and several other shops & stores!

By 1905 the population had grown to 150, where it remained for years.

The post office (open in 1873) shut down in 1919 and from then on, shops & stores, one-by-one, closed down and went elsewhere, as did many townspeople.

It's currently listed as an unincorporated community, but it sure had one heckuva heyday from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. You can take a roadtrip and see this little community for yourself. When you go, try to imagine what a bustling little village this once was. It won't be that easy. There are still some cool old homes and structures still standing, if you search.

There are no shops or stores left.



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