A man was arrested over the weekend after throwing 40-pound sandbags off an I-96 overpass which ended up smashing through a woman's windshield.

According to WDIV, Michigan State Police said their preliminary investigation found that a male suspect was involved in a single-vehicle crash with his truck on I-96 near Old Plank Road. He left his truck and walked up onto the Old Plank Road overpass, which was under construction.

The guy must have been raging about what had just happened because he noticed 40-pound sandbags and started throwing them off the 1-96 overpass. So basically it was raining sandbags onto vehicles that were driving down below. One of those sandbags hit a woman's vehicle and smashed through her windshield. She was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital.

WDIV reports that police located the suspect, along with matching shoe prints from the scene. I saw other reports that said the man was picked up by a passerby who took him to his home in Brighton. After the suspect told the passerby what he did, they contacted Michigan State Police and provided the suspect's location.

The incident took place late Sunday night.

Just imagine driving along the expressway at night and then out of nowhere a 40-pound sandbag comes smashing through your windshield. It had to have been an absolutely terrorizing moment.

We want to wish that woman a speedy recovery.

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