Yes, we will see some snow this weekend. But will we see a major snowstorm? Most likely we won't. Several weather outlets are reporting that a winter storm will hit many different areas in the U.S. this weekend, however, it looks like the major snow accumulations from the storm (named Winter Storm Harper by the Weather Channel) will most likely miss the Lansing area.

As with most winter storms, the total snow accumulations for the Lansing area with this storm are still varied. According to the National Weather Service, we'll see about an inch of snow Friday night and around two to four inches of snow by Saturday afternoon. They add that the highest snow accumulations are expected around I-94 and to the south. The very southern portion of Michigan could see three to five inches of snow. The Weather Channel currently says that we'll see about one to three inches of snow. Finally, Accuweather is saying that the Lansing area will see two to four inches of snow Friday night through Saturday afternoon.

Time will tell...

**Snow totals from the above mentioned sources were updated at 8:00am on Friday, January 18th.

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