It's almost the start of construction season and there is one major intersection to avoid in Mid-Michigan as it will get bad. The Jolly-Okemos road intersection which is already very busy will be even more busy as a major construction project is starting soon and will continue throughout the spring and summer.

The project, which starts next month, involves adding two right turn lanes, to turn from Jolly Road south on to Okemos, to turn from northbound Okemos on to eastbound Jolly and from southbound Okemos on to westbound Jolly.

Also further down the road on Jolly between Dobie and Meridian Roads there is going to be a project that widen roads, a fresh surface, drain improvements and new shoulder lanes.

So basically if you live in this area to maybe find a new way to work or avoid the area for the next few months as the traffic will get worse there. More on the construction project here. 

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