Dang, that was quick. Madonna has already moved on from her much-younger BF Brahim Zaibat, with whom she split late last year. She is said to be dating the also young backup dancer Timor Steffens, who is all of 26.

Madge is 55, so she is continuing her trend of dating much younger men. The Material Girl is a cougar through and through.

What do we know about Steffens, besides the fact that he is 29 years younger than Her Madgesty? He is a creative director, a choreographer and an actor. Madge's son Rocco, who is 13, reportedly digs Steffens, according to reports.

Well, that's the most important sniff test.

Additionally, Steffens is closer in age to Madge's firstborn, daughter Lourdes, who is 17, than he is to Madge herself. But then again, she's Madonna. She used to be the boy toy. Now boys are her toys.

Madge clearly hasn't wasted any time pining over Zaibat. It's somewhat refreshing that she is still a maneater at 55. More power to her!