This actually is kind of hard to watch and listen to in my opinion. Also, WARNING: They said the B word a few times in this song, so if you're not ready to hear that this morning, I would probably turn this one down while you watch. Madonna is a music icon and one of the most influential people in pop music history. These past few years have been tough for her musically though. Nothing she's doing is really sticking and this song would probably pass right over your head too. In a fight to stay relevant, I think she's finally had to phone in a few favors to friends just to make this video worth watching. Let's be real, it's the only reason we're talking about it, right? See if you can spot all of the cameos in here. There's Rita Ora, Diplo, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj (who is a featured artist on the track), Kanye West, Chris Rock and others. It's like playing Where's Waldo? But with celebrities.