Machine Gun Kelly just got hilariously Mike Wazowski'd by The New York Post, according to one TikTok user.

One of the latest covers of the New York Post features a blurred image of MGK with his face completely covered by text, while — on the same cover — his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, isn't covered or cut off in the slightest.

The original photo of the couple featured on the newspaper's cover was snapped on the 2021 Billboard Music Awards red carpet, which Fox accompanied MGK to this past weekend (May 23). The musician was honored at the ceremony with two wins: Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Album for Tickets to My Downfall. Fox was his date to the event — but it looks like her dress stole the whole show.

Courtesy of the New York Post
Courtesy of the New York Post

"Hollywood's hottest look if you dare!" reads the headline, which focuses on the show-stopping black cut-out dress Fox wore to the BBMAs.

On Tuesday (May 25), TikTok user @vera_verto pointed out that the newspaper cover's design mirrors a running gag involving Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

The viral TikTok video compares the New York Post cover to Disney and Pixar's 2001 animated film, which features numerous occasions in which the blissfully unaware one-eyed green monster's face gets inadvertently covered (often due to his short stature) on everything from an ID barcode to a magazine sticker, while his best friend Sully is always perfectly in focus, front and center. (It seems Fox is the Sully in her and MGK's relationship.)

Disney has run with the "I can't believe it.. I'm on the cover of a magazine!" joke since the release of Monsters, Inc. twenty years ago. First, they played it up on the DVD release back in 2002, with a coupon sticker centered perfectly on Mike's face. The marketing gag has been extended to other products over the years, including food items and even real-life magazines.

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