Machine Gun Kelly strikes back. Today (Sept. 3), the rapper unloads "Rap Devil," a track that finds the rapper responding to Eminem's Kamikaze diss, "Not Alike," with a vicious diss song of his own.

The song, which checks in at nearly five minutes, arrives just about two days or so after MGK posted a video of himself popping a bottle of champagne as he plays Em's Kamikaze name-drop out loud. Looks like he might have already been thinking about his response, which finds MGK suggesting that Em is an insecure old man who does nothing but rap and literally can't stand for himself.

"The big bad bully of the rap game can't take a fucking joke/Oh you want some fucking smoke (What?)/But not literally, you'll choke/Yeah I'll acknowledge you're the GOAT/But I'm the Gunner bitch, I got you in the scope (Brra)/Don't have a heart attack now (No)/Somebody help your mans up (Help)/Knees weak of old age/The real Slim Shady can't stand up," MGK spits on his new diss.

Taking things back a bit, Em originally dissed MGK when he dropped his Kamikaze album last Friday (Aug. 31). On the track, Em responds to what he feels was a subliminal diss Kelly delivered on the Tech N9ne single, "No Reason." For that song, Kelly delivers some bars some people believed to have been aimed at Slim Shady.

"It’s only one option, you gon' need a doctor/I ain’t talkin' ‘bout the one from Compton/I pop cherries and popstars, you popsicles is not hard/Popped in on the top charts out the cop car/To remind y'all you just rap and not God and I don’t care who got bars," Kelly spits on the track.

With that perceived subliminal diss presumably on his mind, Em struck back on "Not Alike." On that particular track, Em spits, "This little cock-sucker, he must be feeling himself/He wants to keep up his tough demeanor/So he does a feature, decides to team up with Nina/But next time you don't gotta use Tech N9ne/If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun/And I'm talking to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly."

With the war of words in full effect, MGK has also taken time to address the beef, using his Twitter account to do so. "im standing up for not just myself, but my generation. im doing the same shit you did back in ur day. life is still real on my side, and i had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone i called an idol. love, Rap Devil," he writes.

Now that you've gotten a rundown on the whole timeline of Em's MGK beef, you can check out "Rap Devil" for yourself below.

Listen to "Rap Devil" below.

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