Congratulations to the Love Yourself Valentine's Day Winner! Her story was so inspiring and embodies EXACTLY what this contest was all about! Here's her story:

After struggling with an eating disorder during the beginning of my college career, I have learned that acceptance and self-love is key. It was a painful and difficult recovery process but I am now proud to say that I love myself for who I am. After my recovery I began a group at Michigan State called Spartan Body Pride. Our goal is to encourage students and the community to accept and love themselves just the way they are. Spartan Body Pride has allowed me to not only encourage positive self esteem in the community, but it has also helped me discover how to truly love myself. I have learned to love myself for my uniqueness and for everything that makes me ME and I hope that Spartan Body Pride and small reminders like yours will help others to discover how to love themselves and stop focusing on negativity in their lives. I LOVE MYSELF for being UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL


I decided to keep the theme going and walk around work and ask my co-workers what they love about themselves!

Here's some great things that others in Lansing love about themselves too! What do YOU love about YOURSELF?

I love that I am able to see the good in people – Megan


I love that i can relax more and not take everything so seriously and enjoy the journey. – Monica


A couple things I love about myself are my long healthy hair and my new slim body =) – Juanita


I LOVE that I am a role model to my 3 young daughters . I try everyday to show them the importance of having respect and self worth – Kelly


Mostly I love my eyes….But I love the fact that this year I am changing my lifestyle and enjoying the gym :) – Michelle


I love that i still can quote space jam!!! AWESOME –Chelsea


I am always doing something for someone else and that's what I love about myself – Ashley


I love myself for busting my butt at the gym too! I weighed 215 pounds in August and I've lost 55 pounds and 25% of my body fat!  - Jessica


I love that I have lost 30 pounds and couple chins! When I look in the mirror it's a whole new person! – Tammy


I love how I'm able to go to college and still play football, the game I love. – Ryan


What do I love about myself is my biggest accomplishment! My three sons that have grown into wonderful young men.  – Theresa


I love the fact that DESPITE the fact that I've been recently dumped, I can STILL lift myself up with music, LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! – Lauren


I Love that at the age 45 I am teaching zumba and love the way I look and feel. I also Love being a grandmother to five beautiful babies. – Adaline


I love that I'm a race car driver. I have a little kids that look up to me and I love it. -  Abby


I love that i am out going, hard working, and caring. And even though im not a size two and i have flaws i LOVE the way i look! – Shantel


I love that I have my smile back, after a bad breakup a year ago I was broken to my core, but like they say once you hit rock bottom only place to go is up – Elizabeth


What I love most about myself is that I have been able to find the strength to survive sickness, trauma, and tragedy that has been thrown at me over the last year. At the end of the day i can still smile because I'm a survivor. – Dianne


I love how tall I am (6'5") and that even if I am by myself I am still able to find ways to make myself laugh, even if it involves dancing and singing like a fool around the apartment :-) – Garrett


I love that even though I've been through some long, messed up relationships. I still have respect for myself. I'm gonna order Chinese takeout ( just as I did for Valentines last year) and watch horror movies this friday night. – Ashley


My sense of humor. My ability to talk to anyone. Having a lot of friends who love me. Who needs a boyfriend? – Shelly


I love that I have enough confidence not to care what other people think of me. I have grown to realize that what others think about me does not matter, as long as I am happy with myself.  – Courtney


I love the fact that I have been cigarette and caffeine free for nearly 4 years. – Tammy


I love my patience. I can handle most jerks that others cant. – Melissa


I also love that I don't have to be stick thin to love myself. I know I'm beautiful no matter what, inside and out! – Brianna


I love my job, energy and my style!  - Kristina