The next time you're at your favorite Mid-Michigan Starbucks, keto diet or not, you can order this tasty, sugar free, no carb drink.

Folks on the keto diet know it can make food choices that were once simple, like getting your morning Starbucks fix, much more complicated. But thanks to Starbucks fans who follow the diet, there’s a secret menu drink that requires no carb-counting: Peach Citrus White Tea.

It’s a spin-off of the chain’s Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion, which includes liquid sugar that would make it off-limits on the keto diet. But the Peach Citrus White Tea has zero carbs and zero sugar, so it’s keto-friendly. Since it’s only on the secret menu, to order one, ask your barista for:

  • Unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea with a splash of heavy cream
  • Two to Four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup
  • No water
  • Light ice

You can even get it blended and one Instagram user described it as “liquid peach cobbler.” So even if you’re not on the keto diet, this could be a new fave.

For the record, this keto-friendly drink isn't limited to the Peach Citrus White Tea variety—you can mix and match this with any kind of (sugar-free) tea and (sugar-free) flavoring your keto-friendly heart desires. The keto possibilities are endless.

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