Some people have big dreams when it comes to their homes. The truth is, most Americans admit they are not living in their dream homes. Ironically, their dream homes are not priced out of the realm of possibility. Dreams are also in realistic locations. The suburbs, by water, or in a big city. Michigan can offer all of that, but the market is still tough. Michigan home prices are still on the high side, but there are signs that is changing.

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A few years back, it felt like people were leaving the state at a pretty good clip. Now, homes are selling at high prices. Obviously certain areas do better than others, but those great deals are scarce. That Michigan dream house is harder to come by. If you have a sizeable down payment and good credit, you can buy a pretty good house. Michigan ranks pretty high on the affordable living side of things.

If you struggle in the finances and credit department, it is a challenge. There are so many buyers, sellers can be picky. They have lowered their prices a bit since the summer, but there are plenty of fish in that home buying sea. Several banks that the market will fizzle out a bit by 2024. That means if you can just hang on for just a little while longer, that dream home could be in reach. Until then, put a little extra love in your current home that way you will be ready to list it!



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