Lizzo is a force that won't be denied and must be reckoned with. A lot of folks see her as a new comer, but this didn't happen overnight. She's been at it for a while. It's all of us who are late to the game. But once you see & hear her, she is undeniable. Her recorded performances are awesome but, you gotta see this woman live.

And speaking of live, we offer the following. NPR has a unique approach for us getting to know artists. Intimately. It's called a Tiny Desk Concert. And that's pretty much what it is. A stripped down performance of a couple of songs, performed with your band, behind a tiny desk.

Sound crazy? The results are. Crazy good. Here's a sneak peek.

(Credit: Billboard News via YouTube)

Be warned, there is some very spicy, explicit language and lyrics. And she does three songs (Cuz I Love You, Juice, & Truth Hurts) AND a super dope flute solo to boot.

If you get a chance to see this amazing woman live, please do. Treat yourself.

Oh and because you need more Lizzo in your life, here's her latest with Missy Elliott. Peep "Tempo" and again, language and lyrics. You have been warned.


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