One Direction's Louis Tomlinson took a few minutes out of his busy day to respond to a story about Michigan parents who were offended by the lyrics to a 1D tune and didn't want their children singing the song in their choir.

Chelsea High School Company C choir members chose to sing 1D's pop smash 'Live While We're Young,' which is a pretty innocuous ode to the carpe diem school of thought. "Live life, have fun" is pretty much the main thematic mantra.

Michael and Mary Stone felt the sexual innuendo in the song made it inappropriate and way too suggestive for a teenage performance. The lyrics in question? "Tonight, let's get some," along with references to sexting.

Um, well, that "some" in the lyrics could mean anything, from a kiss to romance to some eats. It's open to interpretation.

Officials at the school didn't cave to pressure from the Stones and didn’t remove or alter the song since it did not violate school policies. The Stones' daughter and three other students chose not to perform the song, according to a local report.

LT, he of the ankle-skimming pants, tweeted this pair of funny comments. We nearly died of laughter from his cheeky response.