Imagine finding your perfect piece of Pure Michigan real estate and then have to drive to and from Ohio each day because this home, legally located in Erie, Michigan, is located on the Lost Peninsula, a small spit of land connected to Toledo, Ohio.

The Lost Peninsula is located between Lake Erie and the Ottawa River.

The home is on Edgewater Drive, the only street in the Lost Peninsula which also contains a marina, and bar on the Michigan side. To get to the rest of Michigan, Lost Peninsula residents must enter Ohio and cross the Ottawa River on Summit Street to get to Michigan. Here's what it looks like on Google Maps:

lost peninsula map
Google Maps

Life on the Lost Peninsula

The Lost Peninsula came into being when the Michigan/Ohio border was set at 41 degrees, 44 minutes north latitude. About 140 people live on the spit of land. The lack of connection to the rest of the state gives rise to the obvious 'Lost Peninsula' name.

The irony is that the Lost Peninsula residents today want to remain lost, or at least inaccessible to any of their fellow Michiganders. Just past the marina, Edgewater Drive is gated and open only to residents of the Ottawa Shores development.

Owning a Home on the Lost Peninsula

The home for sale on the Lost Peninsula is priced just under a half-million dollars at $429,000 with water frontage on the Ottawa River, rather than Lake Erie, side of the peninsula. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has a private dock that can accommodate 3 boats.

Take a look at the Lost Peninsula Home:

House on Michigan's Lost Peninsula in Lake Erie

Take a look at this nearly half-million-dollar home on the Lost Peninsula in Erie, Michigan only accessible from Ohio.

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