It is that time of the year when you go to the pumpkin patch and try and pick out the best pumpkin. We have so many stories on here on how to find the best one, as well as what to do with the pumpkin seeds after you carve that jack-o-lantern. Make sure though before you take that jack-o-lantern outside to put on your porch or on your window we want to see it. We are trying to find the best jack-o-laterns in Lansing and all over the area.

After you carve your pumpkin take a pic and send it us on our app by clicking "Submit Photo/Video". Link to the app below

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Plus, if you haven't started carving yet here are some easy tips so you can make less mess and also have a better looking jack-o-lantern.

  • You don't need expensive tools. You can find pumpkin carving kits in the stores for less than $10 and they do just as good as anything else.
  • Cut and Open the pumpkin from the bottom. If you cut open from the top there will be more mess and more of you having to put your arm in the pumpkin to clean it out. If you cut from the bottom all of the seeds and mess come right out and you can actually cut it open right over a trash can and let all of the seeds and other mess fall in.
  • Make sure to scrape out the insides well. This will make your carving easier and make it easier if you are using a stencil or a finer cutting tool.
  • Clean the pumpkin's outer skin. This will make tracing and stenciling easier and look better later.

You can find more tips here.

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