As both President Trump and former Vice President Biden try to secure the majority of votes on Election night from Michigan, they have been working hard to make sure their message is getting out to those of us in the mitten state, including sending others to campaign on their behalf.

The Biden/Harris campaign is finally tapping into the music scene by having pop superstar Lizzo visit Detroit on Friday to help spread their word. According to ClickonDetroit, the ‘Good As Hell’ singer is currently scheduled to speak at two events, the first one will be a volunteer canvass event in Detroit around 3 pm.  There, she’s expected to amp up voters to get out and vote early.  The second stop will be a few hours later in Harper Woods where she’ll be joined by young voters where she’ll again be pushing that they get out and vote early, as well as helping get their friends and peers excited about getting out and voting early.

It’s not surprising that Lizzo is taking an active role in campaigning for Biden or doing it in Detroit. As ClickonDetroit points out and anyone who follows her on Instagram can verify, Lizzo has been pretty vocal about supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming election as well as encouraging her millions of fans to get registered to vote and then to get out and vote. She even hosted an Instagram Live conversation with Kamala Harris back in September.  As for Detroit, Lizzo was born in the motor city and lived there until age 10.  She’s been spotted a couple of different times visiting the city since her rise to fame.

Lizzo isn’t the only musician that’s been on the campaign trail for the 2020 election.  Ted Nugent has done two campaign events for President Trump, one at the end of September, and then last Saturday, he helped warm up the crowd before the President’s speech in Muskegon.

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