I mean who doesn't like their pizza hot and ready? Little Caesars is a Michigan staple and has been marketing that phrase for awhile. Now, I believe the product is better when you order it fresh. The quick and easy, grab and go, does have its benefits though. They are now the official sponsor of the NFL so they are doing some things right.

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I think we are quick to always point out the negative, but this might be deserved. Some guy called out Little Caesars on TikTok after an employee crushed his pizza and told him to "get the [eff] out" . . . all because he asked why their "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas weren't hot and ready. You can see the video here

He'd ordered ahead, but wanted a cheese pizza for his daughter too, and they didn't have one ready. The video just shows the aftermath, not the guy crushing it. But the pizza box is on the counter. It looks like he pounded it with his fist.

I am not calling anyone a liar, but the employee does look pretty calm. This Little Caesars store meltdown, clearly demonstrates a better idea of what went down...

I feel for fast food employees in the current world. It is a demanding job and sometimes, people suck. If they had the best slice of pizza in the world, they barely speak. If the pizza is missing one piece of pepperoni, they bash the place to anyone who will listen.

For what it's worth, the people commentating are completely buying this guy's story either.

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