Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Yesterday I had to make a trip to the post office. I was on my way in to mail a package and I just happened to be wearing my Lions hoodie and hat. Cause win, lose, or draw I still love my Motor City Kitties. And a brotha walked past me on his way out as I was walking in. And he stopped as I passed him and was like,what's up with the Lions man? I thought he was lamenting about this past weekend's Seattle loss. Then he said something about Tate. And I didn't really hear him. And I just thought it was a fellow fan going on about our "same ole Lions". I even said something to the effect that Stafford didn't help with that interception in the end but, what you gonna do and just kept walking. He kind of stood there. I think he knew that I didn't know. And I didn't. It took me until this morning to find out that...


For a 3rd round draft pick. I had to read someone's Facebook post and slowly put two and two together.

My friend Lisa posted "I can not believe we traded Golden Tate for a “pick”!!

Then I looked it up...and all was confirmed.

(Credit: 97.1 The Ticket)

I'm not happy. But dude above has some valid points. And we're prepping for the future, but it feels like we're already pooping on this season. And Golden was one of our bright spots. A real playmaker in my opinion. Most yards after catch and all. But...we're making moves for the future. It hurts now but man, I hope next year at this time, I'm praising this decision. But for now, it hurts.

Coach Patricia...don't let me down.


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