The Detroit Lions finally won a football game under the mentorship of first-year head coach Dan Campbell. This season has been a complete failure, to say the least. I’m sure the players are doing everything they can do, but they just aren’t that good.

Sure, they have had a ton of injuries, but every team does. Dan Campbell seems like a good dude, but is he the answer to their head coaching woes? This has been an ongoing problem for many years.

This head coach has taken his Vaudeville act to the podium one too many times. Now, the Lions do have some top-flight draft picks coming up from the Stafford trade. But, the question is, will they bring the proper personell in to play football at the NFL level?

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This team won their first game under Campbell’s guidance and the owner's daughter who runs the team acted like they just won the Super Bowl. I thought I was going to lose it watching the video.

Please, act like you have been there. This team is going nowhere and nowhere fast. Don’t buy into the hype anymore. It’s a smokescreen to false hopes. I hope I’m wrong, but until then accept it! Dan Campbell is on the clock.

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