This one may make a Lions fan think really hard, or their head might just explode. Here's your choice. The Dallas Cowboys lost their quarterback, Dak Prescott, yesterday gruesome ankle injury. He's out for at least this season. Word is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones really likes himself some Matthew Stafford, who grew up in Dallas.

A former sports columnist I like, Steve Rosenbloom, came up with the concept, and it popped in my head this afternoon, after I saw some speculation this morning about the NFL.

I'll present it to you through the prism of "Lions-think."  As a Lions fan, here's your choice:

A) The Lions keep Stafford, the season plays out the way most of us think it will, and Stafford stays and coach Matt Patricia (and likely GM Bob Quinn) are gone after the season. Stafford is a pretty good quarterback who's never had a decent offensive line in front of him, though under Jim Caldwell, he gave glimpses of what could be. But he's 32 years old, so there's only so much time left, not mention a history of back issues.


B) The Lions send Stafford home to Dallas (with a chance to play a playoff game, maybe even more), but...this essentially gives up on the season, and the Lions ownership, being decent humans, give Patricia and Quinn at least one more season. (if you think that crazy talk, remember how long the Lions kept Matt Millen around.)

Those are your choices, and as the inventor of this concept says, "remember, death is not an option."

Essentially, if you trade Stafford to Dallas, you are tanking on this season and giving yourself a chance at drafting Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. (Though, the New York Jets, coached by Marshall native Adam Gase are pretty dreadful, as are teams like Jacksonville.) There's no guarantee the Lions would score the first overall pick in next year's draft. But even as the Ford family may not have a lot of wins on their record, but they are loyal, so you might be safe to assume, if they give up on this season, they might just bring back Patricia and Quinn based on the premise they didn't give them a chance to win this season (with backup QB Chase Daniel at the helm, should they trade Stafford.)

If you ask me, you stay with Stafford and bring in a new staff and shore up the O-line and the defense. Still, as Prescott's injury shows, one bad hit on Stafford's back and this argument is over.

Something to ponder on this bye week.

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