You know, with they way they play sometimes we as fans do deserve a little something right?

For the first time in about 5 years, "average" Detroit Lions fans will get a break on ticket prices. By "average" we mean basic seats. Not high end, really in demand ones.

And by break, that means the average season ticket price will see an overall decrease in price for the first time during the Bob Quinn era. (Pride of Detroit)

Overall, the average price of a Lions season ticket will see a slight decrease, teams spokesperson Ben Manges said. Last year, the Lions ranked in the bottom quarter of the NFL in average season-ticket price and had the lowest average price in the NFC North at about $103 per game. (Freep)

“In 2019, season ticket pricing will be the same or less for 92-percent of members,” Rod Wood said in the letter to season ticket holders.

Plus, there is now this thing called “Lionsurance,” which appears to be aimed at reimbursing ticket holders for preseason games or any other games fans won’t be able to attend. (Pride of Detroit)


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