Between them, Lil Wayne and Eminem have nearly 50 years in the rap game. With that many rhymes under their belts, both artists recently admitted they sometimes need help figuring out if they have used lyrics multiple times.

On Friday (May 8), Tunechi dropped another episode of Young Money Radio. For the latest edition, he chopped it up with Slim Shady, among other people, and discussed a number of topics with the rap god. During the interview, they found out they both have something in common when it comes to putting rhymes together.

"When you've made so many songs about everything it gets a little tricky," Em admitted around the 8:15 mark. "And it's like you've got ... you start getting to the point where you've rapped about everything. You've rhymed every word there is to rhyme."

"You can say everywhere," Wayne added. "Man, Em, I have to, literally, bro, when I'm doing some of my shit, if you go through my phone history, my Google history and you press L, first thing that will come up is Lil Wayne lyrics. I literally have to Google my lyrics to make sure I didn't say certain stuff before."

"Oh my god. Yo, I swear to god I do that too," Shady concurred.

"Man, that's how long we've been doing this shit," Wayne added.

Lil Wayne's weekly Young Money Radio show has been another godsend for fans looking to hear from some of their favorite artists while on quarantine. Last week, Tune had Drake on the line and Drizzy revealed he was going to work on new music with Wayne.

In other Wayne-related news, the Young Money head honcho recently revealed the root of the many musical leaks he's suffered over the years.

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