The trees are turning and leaves are starting to fall, but before you bag those leaves, take another look at them. I ask you to do this because I want to see what you say is the most interesting or coolest or prettiest fall leaf that you can find. A leaf is like a snowflake, as in each one is different, so you should be able to find one that you can't take your eyes off of.

You can see the leaf that I chose that fell in my backyard above. I chose this leaf because I love all of the colors in it, especially the yellow/neon veins that are running through it. I have a lot of reddish leaves in my backyard but this one caught my attention due to the yellow/neon breaking through.

TSM: Max
TSM: Max

You can see another leaf that I found and loved in my backyard. I love the red as well as the black tips on it. Plus I also like the leaf because it kind of looks like a maple leaf so that is why it caught my attention too.

Next time you are in your backyard or picking up some leaves, find a good one, take a picture and send it to us using our app. There is a link to the app and how to download it below and when you open the app go to "Submit Picture or Video" and submit your leaf picture there.

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