Lansing Community College, located right in downtown Lansing, is having to work through what many colleges are going through making campus safe from coronavirus. There is also another challenge they are working through and that is a new administration as they hired a new President this week.

One of the big tasks that colleges are working on is cleanliness to fight the virus. LCC has this option a little easy since they don't have dorms or students living on campus so they don't have worry about getting living areas ready.

One of their biggest challenges this year is the actual learning, whether in class or online. The students have three options this year: a traditional online course that does not have set meeting times or days, a real-time online semester with faculty instruction on certain days and times, or a hybrid course where have an online and an on-campus courses as well as hands-on component. This will be different for occupational and technical programs which involve in-person learning.

The online and in class hybrid could work especially if you are in classes with less than 50 people. Along with this you will still be getting the teacher-student dynamic since you are having the courses done in real time. LCC is one of the first community colleges in the state to have three options like this as well as have it this early, so they are ready for what should be a different school year and semester. More about it here. 

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