The HBO show Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver has continued to air considering the show is done from and empty set. Over the last 5 weeks, Oliver has been extensively covering the Coronavirus situation as informatively and as tastefully comedically as possible. I'm not here to discuss politics, but if you're conservative or right-wing, odds are you probably don't watch the show. The show is much more suited for people who see the humor in politics and the seriousness of how misinformation is endangering the minds and lives of the American people.

Last week's Coronavirus episode featured clips from the protest that took place in Lansing and just how much that misinformation has had an impact on the people who attended the protest. It's not pretty let's just put it lightly. Here is the episode which starts and ends with the discussion of the Lansing protest. If you have 20 minutes, which I know you do, you should give it a watch. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE.

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