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So this weekend if you opt out of Mama Mia: Here We Go Again and The Equalizer 2 with Denzel, you still have options. I respectfully submit, Unfriended: Dark Web. Now, is it the best horror film ever? Hardly. Is it a worthy sequel to the first Unfriended? Absolutely.

Now I'm not going to give any spoilers just a synopsis and my humble opinion. It's a nice piece of fun escapism. Going in, you know this isn't going to be an academy award winner. But if you liked the first one, and are looking for something fun to give you a few scares this is it. I admit, I did't expect much from this one. But what I did get and see was way better than anticipated. I'd call it a tech thriller for the millennial set. As most of the scares come from the paranoia of using the stuff you're on (Facebook, Skype, etc) in everyday life. The threat of the dark web, who's on it, what's on it, and how simple everyday folks like you and me stumbling across it could turn into disaster for us. And the ones we love. It's kind of tech savvy as it starts out with our hero Mathias logging on to a computer he bought on Craigslist to replace his old slow one. Then trying to communicate with his deaf girlfriend through the use of a program he is developing. There's trouble in paradise in the relationship. And then there's his friends who have also logged on to play their "gamenight" with each other. What happens next is a series of events as we find out that Mathias wasn't necessarily truthful about how he came about his new laptop. And the person who it belongs to, wants it back. Specifically, the files and movies on it. That's all you're gonna get from me.

I liked it. I'd give it a solid B. I went in with low expectations and was thoroughly entertained. There's a lot to watch on screen with the perspective being from watching a laptop or desktop as your main POV. It worked for me. If you like thrillers and some scares that might want to make you cover your webcam, watch what you click on, and definitely...something about second hand laptops, then I think you might like Unfriended: Dark Web.

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NOW...the really good stuff. There are TWO ENDINGS FOR THIS MOVIE! This I did not know until I was researching some images and videos for this blog. If you want to know more and if you follow this link below, BE PREPARED FOR MAJOR SPOILERS! So again, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BOTH ENDINGS OR THE ENDING YOU DIDN'T SEE! You have been warned! And no, there is no way of knowing which ending you will see at the theater. And one definitely gets a higher grade than the other. And you only get one ending in each movie. You don't get to see the other/alternate ending at the end of the credits! My review is based on Ending B in the link below and according to The Ringer, it was the better ending.

A Journey Through Both Endings of 'Unfriended: Dark Web'

The coming weekend at the movie theater appeared to be like any other normal weekend. Denzel had a movie coming out , Mamma Mia! was going again, and there was a horror movie set to be released -  Unfriended: Dark Web , a sequel to the 2014 film Unfriended.

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