I love cats. I have two, and they are both cute in their own way. But sometimes they lose that cuteness...like when they rummage through the trash or throw up on the bed. True cat people know that sometimes, the cats that are considered "ugly" are actually the cutest ones. They are so ugly that they become adorable. Or, normally cute cats can have an off day and grace you with the perfect ugly cat photo. That's what we're looking for here.

TSM: Tim Jankunas

I have lived with cats my whole life, and they like to get in crazy and weird situations either by accident or on purpose. I don't know what Pipi's motivations are, but when she isn't rummaging through the trash, she always looks kinda grumpy.

TSM: Tim Jankunas

But enough about my cat. I don't think she's ugly enough to to be crowned "Lansing's Ugliest Cat," but your cat might be! Here's what we want you to do: take a picture of your ugly cat and send it to us through our app. We'll have pictures at the end of the post to walk you through that process.

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We'll give you a week to send us your picture, so start scrolling through your camera roll now. Next Thursday, we'll choose the top 5 ugliest cats from all of the submissions we receive and create another post where everyone can vote. The search is on for the ugliest cat in Lansing (or the Lansing area), starting now!

Oh, and here are those pictures I promised you: