If you've ever wanted a night out in the neighborhood that included art, theater, music, dance, food, and drink... Then look no further than Old Town Lansing this Friday evening!

This Friday is the first (of many) 'Arts Night Out' taking place throughout four different Lansing neighborhoods, with the first 'Night Out' taking place in Old Town. Arts Night Out was created with the intention of giving people something fun, new, and exciting to-do in their own backyard. It gives you the chance to visit places that maybe you've walked or driven past a bunch of times, but never had the opportunity to check them out. You'll get to experience the businesses in cool new ways too! Arts Night Out describes some of the cool mashups you'll get to check out... "your local yoga studio filled with pottery wheels and clay throwers... corner hardware store turned scrap art gallery and your local pub was re-vamped into an intimate spoken word speakeasy...  parklet donut bars outside your accountant’s office..." Plus, it's totally free!

Some of the events this Friday include: art exhibitions, busker performances, a soft opening of a new coffee bar, and live music. See the complete list of participating businesses, and what they're hosting, HERE!

Maybe you can't make it to this Friday's Arts Night Out, no worries! This is going to be a monthly event that "invites you to visit four different Lansing neighborhoods to experience urban space and creativity in unexpected ways," so you'll get more chances to check it out. The next Arts Night Out will be in Reo Town on August 5th!

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