I've driven in cities before or at least been in a car with someone else driving in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, St. Louis, Louisville...all bigger cities. I lived in Grand Rapids and drove 131-North around the city during four packed lanes of rush hour. Shoot, I live in Jackson where I question every day how some people passed their driver's test...yet there is something about driving in Lansing that makes it worse than any of them.

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Maybe She's Born With It...Maybe It's Road Rage

I'll be the first to admit I have road rage, and I absolutely know I got it from my dad. It's not like I have actually gotten into any altercations, more-so just screaming at people from the comforts of my car and the occasional flipping of the bird.

There are certainly many infuriating situations that can happen on the road but in Lansing, more-so than ANYWHERE I have ever driven do people cut you off, forget their blinkers, not know how to merge on and off a highway or just blatantly pull out of parking lots in front of you.

I swear, right when you get on 127-South off of Dunckel Road, when those other two exits open up on either side of the highway, people have NO CLUE where they are going or any care that it is safer and easier to merge when you even just attempt to go the speed limit.

Every day I have to honk my horn at someone who, even though there are no other cars behind me and they'd have plenty of time to pull out after I pass by, they still pull right out in front of me like they want to get T-boned.

The ONLY reason I can understand doing that is because I've been faced with the anger and anxiety that is trying to turn LEFT out of any parking lot or intersection in the Lansing area...which leads me to my next point.

WHY All the One-Way Streets?

I could just say one thing that would make my frustrations make the most sense and that would be...FRANDOR. I'm not even from here and when I bring up how much I hate driving over there to any Lansing-area natives, I take their agonized groans as agreement.

One-way streets really aren't the problem. It's just the fact they seemingly do not make sense or line up at all here in Lansing. Having to go three blocks over from your destination just to be able to turn into the parking lot...just, why?

The Layout Is So Confusing

All of the road names sound the same to me and even when I think I've got it somewhat figured out, I either get lost or someone tells me it's completely different than what I thought. There's so many different "suburbs" of Lansing that I know I have heard of but could not tell you at all which direction I am.

I have to ask all the time if our own radio station is actually in Lansing and I think it's way closer to Okemos than it really is but also sometimes think it's in East Lansing.

All in all, driving in Lansing seems to be confusing to a lot more people than just me because my road rage finds new peaks every day when I'm driving at any time after 6 a.m.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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