Headed off to see "The Meg" with Jason Statham this weekend? What DON'T you want to see at the theater? Here's a list of things folks (especially me) get ticked off about while trying to watch their favorite summer blockbusters.

***Sidebar, I know some of these will come off as super petty. But most of this list is tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously. Well not real seriously. Ok, I do mean some of these but don't hold my pettiness against me. And, if you follow the rules, then I won't have anything to complain about lol.***

FEET ON SEATS - This is my number one! Either in between seats on the armrests, on the back of the seats, and especially putting your BARE FEET up! GROSS!

KIDS - From the crying toddler who shouldn't probably be in this movie in the first place to the teenagers who won't stop doing EVERYTHING they are doing!

CELL PHONES/TALKING/TEXTING - It's really sad that we still have to tell people about this. But, yup, folks will definitely have no problem answering their phone right in the middle of the movie and chatting on it. Like in utter defiance. If only they ran something before the movie that asked folks to silence their cell phones and not to talk and text...wait...what do you mean they already do that?

TALKING - During the movie. And then I always find the folks who want to have super loud conversations right up until after the opening credits. Don't make me turn around and stare at you...again lol. Come on folks. Let's keep it down...it's a theater.

Honorable Mentions:

PDA - They still do that at theaters? Haven't seen this in a while.

FREQUENT FLYERS - Up and down your row? Come on man?!?

IS "THIS SEAT" TAKEN? - The folks who HAVE TO or find a way to SIT NEXT TO YOU when there's A WHOLE THEATER OF EMPTY SEATS TO CHOOSE FROM! Like you're a social magnet for other groups of people or that one person! I know it's a horror movie and there's safety in numbers but...go sit over there lol.

LATE ARRIVALS - And then they ask you to move over a seat so their entourage can sit together.

MESSY/UNCLEAN THEATER - Usually not a biggie at our local theaters but when you walk in and there's still massive amounts of popcorn on the floor...and STICKY FLOORS?!? Gross!

THE SEAT SAVER - OK, maybe one seat but you don't get to reserve a quarter of a row Elaine!

(Video: Verbal Narcotic via Youtube)

Did I miss any? What are you MOVIE THEATER PET PEEVES?

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