This is something that East Lansing has had all summer and Lansing wants to join in on the fun. With dining in, most places have limits or aren't doing dining in at all so this is a decision that could be good for places with limited or no inside dining. I haven't done dine in yet at a restaurant but I have done pick up and have seen some restaurants that have some limited seating inside/outside and some with none at all, so this social district idea makes sense.

The idea of social districts are to zone off certain areas of downtown with picnic tables and other seating. The social district would be open for customers to grab their food and drinks from a local restaurants and sit down in this "social district" and eat and drink while still being in a social environment but socially distance. More on social districts in Lansing here. 

This idea is being done already in East Lansing but there is only one zone, which will be in effect through at least August 15th. Lansing will potentially be having 3 zones, one being the Stadium district, but this is still in the planning stages as making these zones take a bit to establish.

I like this idea of social distancing zones because it will help restaurants that can't do dine in or aren't doing much business during this time. The more social districts the better in my eyes because it will help businesses and also get people used to eating outside.

But what are your thoughts on social districts and do you think it could work in Lansing? Tell us now by using the "CHAT" feature on our station app.

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