Honestly, I'm not certain how you could have overlooked it, but in case you did, Detroit has recently installed a new sign. The intention behind this sign is to emulate the iconic Hollywood sign, all because of the NFL Draft.

Yet, this raises a broader question! Why should Detroit have all the fun? After all, we are the capital city!

Why Lansing Should Get A 'Lansing' Sign!

We posed this question on social media, eliciting numerous reactions and chuckles. Interestingly, the folks in Lansing didn't seem opposed to the idea, albeit with some conditions.

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The primary concern regarding the creation of a Lansing-specific sign is ensuring its aesthetic appeal. There has been considerable dissatisfaction expressed about the current Detroit sign, which seems hastily put together.

I mean, did they purchase it from Temu or Wish? No disrespect intended, as I understand the allure, but really...

But, let's be honest! Detroit, while bigger than Lansing, isn't the state capital. A lot of us who live in the capital city have a lot of pride in the city we live in! So, why wouldn't we want to have some fancy sign showing off the capital city of Michigan?

On top of it too, it would be something memorable for drivers as they drive down a major highway, or even through downtown Lansing, wherever we may choose to put it.

What We Could Do To Get One Created Instead

I'm always an advocate for supporting local initiatives, and I believe engaging a Michigan-based artist to design something more intricate would be a preferable approach.

By doing so, we not only promote local talent but also enhance the quality of what is displayed, be it in Detroit or elsewhere. Apologies to the artist who may have faced criticism, but simplicity isn't always ideal.

The more pertinent question, if we were to pursue such a project, is where the funding would originate. It's unlikely that many would favor a tax increase for this purpose.

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