So here we are again with scam alerts, this time its from the Lansing PD as they warning everyone of a recent phone scam. Also they are warning of this phone scam as it has to do with the Lansing Police Department.

So here's how the scam goes, in case you have never heard of this terrible scam, but someone calls and states they are with the L.P.D. or local police. They might give you a real actual employee name, which is slightly different than other scams. But they will give you, your name, and address, and maybe birth date, to act that they are real. Then the scammer will tell you, you have a warrant out for your arrest, but you can get out of the arrest by paying them off.

THIS IS SCAM!!!! Don't pay them. Also hang up immediately. This arrest warrant scam has been here before so don't fall for it. You can see the post from the Lansing PD below.

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