US News & World Report just put out their 2018 list for the "Best Places to Live in the US" and Lansing has made the list. Lansing is #50 on the list which is the highest that Lansing has been and the second city in Michigan to make the Top 50, behind Grand Rapids.

You can see the whole list here, but there are many reasons that Lansing made the Top 50 this year like;

  • The cost of living in Lansing is significantly lower than the U.S. average, due in large part to the region's low housing prices.
  • Also there are plenty of parks and other festivals that come to Lansing every year.
  • Also the architecture has gained attention as there are plenty of single-family homes in Lansing and different styles like Victorian painted ladies to original Frank Lloyd Wright designs to charming farmhouses.
  • Lansing unemployment is at a low and has gone down since about 2010, and there are always jobs open across the Lansing-Area.

There were also a few negatives on Lansing such as; the weather like in most of the state is very strange so heating and cooling costs across the state are high. Also Lansing's public transportation options are limited to bus so that took a few points from us. Also crime across Lansing has grown over the last few years and Lansing's crime rate is higher than the National average. So basically its very awesome that Lansing is on this list but clearly there are a few things that still need improvement.  But making the Top 50 is a great accomplishment and also being the second Michigan city to make the Top 50 is great too.

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