Valentines day is a holiday you either like or you don't. I think if you are married or have a significant other, you tend to like it more. If you're single like me, maybe not so much. Either way, Valentine's Day is almost here! And this year, the pressure is off. Forget about trying to make that hard to get reservation and then emptying your wallet at the fanciest restaurant in Lansing. Why not just pick up a heart shaped pizza instead and spend the night at home? Here are some places in the area where you can find them.

  • Papa Johns is offering heart-shaped pizza at $11 using promo code VALENTINE.
  • Marco's Pizza
  • Hungry Howie's
  • Pizza Hut offers heart-shaped pizzas starting at $11.99 for Valentine's Day.
  • Your Own Kitchen. If you want to cook this year, make a heart-shaped pizza yourself! Many grocery stores like Whole Foods offer fresh pizza dough for sale. Simply shape the dough into a heart.

All you have to do now is decide on your favorite toppings. I can eat anything on my pizza, even anchovies. Sausage and pepperoni is my favorite, though.

Where is your favorite pizza place? Of these three cities, what's your favorite style: Detroit, Chicago or New York?

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