Amaya Johnson, 12, of Lansing, is engaged in American politics, perhaps even more than the average 12 year old.

She, like many Americans, was prepared for an historic Hillary Clinton presidency.  But when she woke up on Wednesday, she was shocked and dismayed, and she took action.

This story isn't about Amaya protesting the results of the election, it's about a simple letter of support for Hillary in the aftermath.

“I would like to say that I loved everything about your campain (sic) and how you made me feel proud to be a girl,” Amaya wrote. “You inspired me to look past the sexism in this world and stand tall and proud as a female who is equal. My dad and mom do support you, but I support you because your (sic) a beautiful, successful, caring and extremely inspiring person who has what it takes to lead this country.”

The Detroit Free Press talked to Amaya, a student at Hayes Middle School in Grand Ledge, and her father, Jerred.  Jerred served in Iraq and now recruits for the Army National Guard, and two of Amaya's grandparents work for the Democratic National Party in Lansing, so she's had a little more exposure to our political processes than other kids her age.

She hasn't decided if that will translate to a future run for President though.