Authorities on Tuesday released the names of two men shot and killed just minutes and about a mile apart on Monday.

Michael Addo, 35, of Mason, was shot and killed while he worked Monday morning at Rite Aid, 3106 E. Saginaw St. in Lansing, near Frandor Plaza. Jordan Daniel Rogers, 27, of East Lansing, was shot and killed at his home in the 1800 block of Coolidge Road.

Police say a 35-year-old East Lansing man walked into the Rite Aid about 11 a.m. and shot and killed Addo, then fled on foot. About 15 minutes later, he shot Rogers at Rogers' home, which the suspect lives next door to, according to police.

East Lansing Police Chief Juli Liebler said at a Tuesday press conference that Rogers ran to a neighbor's house and called police after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. When ELPD arrived at the scene, Rogers was unconscious. Authorities attempted to resuscitate him, then transported him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Liebler said ELPD learned the suspect lived in a duplex next door and immediately surrounded it, evacuated adjacent residences and called in tactical support to set up a perimeter.

A standoff ensued, ultimately lasting about three hours.

"We approached the house, broke out the front window, made contact with the suspect," Liebler said. "He immediately surrendered and was taken into custody. There was no confrontation (with authorities)."

Police at Tuesday's press conference said there is nothing that indicates Addo and Rogers were related or connected.

Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski said authorities are still working to learn motive behind the shootings.

"This was not a robbery attempt for guns or drugs," Yankowski said. "It was not a robbery attempt for money. This is what we know at this point in time. (We are) still actively compiling reports and evidence..."

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in Monday's incidents, from the local, county, state and federal level, including the U.S. Marshals.

Liebler said police recovered the gun the suspect used. Police declined to divulge further details, citing the ongoing investigation into the shootings.

"We believe (the suspect) acted alone," Liebler said. "That's the overwhelming indication we have at this point."