As the old saying goes, "What do they want, blood?".

Well, yes now they really do and it's for a good cause. You may not have considered this, but this is a very real problem caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and that would be a shortage of blood. The pandemic has caused many blood drives to be cancelled and don't forget that there are people who have been exposed to the Coronavirus that will then be unble to donate blood. While medical facilities had been concentrating mostly on COVID-19 cases, blood is still needed for other medical necessities, including surgeries and other diseases, issues and more.

You can make plans now to go and do your part later this month at Cristo Rey Church, located at 201 West Miller Road here in Lansing. Cristo Rey is partnering with the America Red Cross for a blood drive that will be held at San Martin Hall, which is the church's multipurpose room.

I bet you may be thinking, "What about social distancing?"...Well the Red Cross has that covered, too. Of course the Red Cross are experts a this kind of thing so they always observe and practice high standards of safety. Social distancing will be happening during the blood drive, and that also means you're going to need a mask. The Red Cross will be happy to let you have a mask but you can really help out and ease the demand on their supply if you bring your own mask. You also have to be healthy to give a blood donation.

Want to help? It's easy to make an appointment and you'll be doing a lot of good. All you have to do is call the Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767 or go to

The Cristo Rey Blood Drive is sponsored by Knights of Columbus San Juan Diego Council #15417.

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