Lansing BWL (Board of Water & Light) is continuing to recover its files, phones lines, and more after a cyberattack last week. It forced the company off of email and phone servers most of the weekend, including a customer service assistance line often used for account inquiries. But the Lansing BWL have said as of Monday (5-2-2016) that all of their customer service phone lines and emails are back up.

The utility company shut down its accounting and e-mail systems last week after an employee unknowingly opened a malware infected attachment in an email at about 5 a.m. April 25.

These kind of massive email and malware attacks have been going on for years but this is one of the few to affect a utility company of a city. It can cost companies thousands and thousands of dollars to fix their problems. To check out more about the story that is always developing the LSJ has the full scoop.