This is really awesome! Across the country you can find out how high schools rank state by state. Well, why don't we take a peak at Michigan?

There are 100 schools on this list and the Lansing area has a few on there. Just to be on this list is pretty cool, right? Principals have to be loving this, they'll be using this list all next year when talking to parents I'm sure.

Out of the 100 high schools on this list, Okemos High School ranked in at #2 overall! Whoa. The school didn't grade lower than an A- in any category. That's pretty dang good.

So my Alma mater, Utica Eisenhower did not make the list. But when you turn out graduates like me, I am not surprised that happened.

East Lansing High School also ranked in pretty high on this list, landing in the top 15 overall. Haslett and Williamston high schools also made the list.

Do you see your school on here? Any disagreements? Let me know in the comments below. According to Niche rankings the company ranked over 14,000 schools and graded another 834 that didn't make the list. Check the full list out here.