No one can stop talking about Will Smith and Chris Rock's onstage altercation at the 2022 Academy Awards. However, it's not the only cringe-inducing moment that went down during Oscars weekend.

Lady Gaga and Caitlyn Jenner also shared what appears to have been a bit of an awkward interaction outside Elton John's annual Oscars viewing party Sunday (March 27).

Mother Monster — who skipped the awards show red carpet after being overlooked by the Academy for her role in House of Gucci — was resplendent in a buttery ballgown outside the event, where she appeared to stop for a brief conversation with the former reality TV star.

The interaction was captured on video by a journalist in attendance who noted that "Gaga seemed rather formal."

Check it out below:

Although the journalist was unable to make out the exchange, fans have since pieced together parts of it.

"Are you spending time around town anymore," Jenner appears to ask Gaga, who answers with a yes. "I haven't seen you at the Starbucks in a while," Jenner continues.

"I've switched baristas," the hit-maker appears to respond succinctly, before politely wrapping up the convo and heading off.


Fans couldn't help noticing that the back and forth appeared stilted. That's especially the case when compared to how warmly Gaga behaved later in the evening while on stage with Liza Minnelli. Watch that heartwarming moment from the awards show here.

Little Monsters in turn poked fun at the situation on social media.

"Finding out that Lady Gaga changed her coffee spot because of Caitlyn Jenner was not on my 2022 bingo card," one fan mused. "BUT I AM HERE. FOR. IT"

Check out some of the best reactions to Gaga and Jenner's interaction, below:

It's worth pointing out that Gaga previously voiced support for Jenner. The pop star spoke out following Jenner's viral interview when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star came out as trans in April 2015.

She also gushed over Jenner's Vanity Fair cover later that same year.

"Caitlyn, thank [you] for being a part of all of our lives & using your platform to change people's minds," the singer-actress wrote.

"The beauty on the inside is now also on the outside," Gaga added in a second tweet. "God bless you and the whole family for sharing it with us."

The Olympian athlete has been criticized in more recent years for her conservative values, which are admittedly at odds with Gaga's.

Recently, Jenner came out against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas by claiming Thomas' win at an NCAA meet was not fair.

"It's not transphobic or anti-trans," Jenner wrote after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dubbed second-place contestant Emma Weyant the "rightful winner" of the match. "It's COMMON SENSE!"

See her tweet below:

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