Thank goodness the old Knapp's building still stands...on the corner of Washington & Washtenaw, it's a classic reminder of Lansing-days-gone-by and the splendor that is STILL the Knapp's building.

Joseph W. Knapp was from Hillsdale; it took him 2 years to build the Lansing department store, from 1937-1939.

To see what this classic establishment looked like back in the day, and to get some history, check out the video after the photo gallery below. In this video, you’ll see inside the old store, outside, panoramic views, original newspaper ads, the lunch counter, Christmastime window decorations, interviews and more.

Nowadays, fortunately, you can live in this building in one of the exquisite apartments; if you'd like to see what these apartments look like from the inside-out, take the video tour by CLICKING HERE.

It's a wonderful thing that this iconic building has been preserved and put to good use, unlike so many other classic, historic establishments that get just plain torn down and forgotten.

Take a look at the pictures then watch the video's a trip worth taking.

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