Khloe Kardashian is heartbroken following multiple reports that her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, also the father of her unborn child, cheated on her, a source tells Entertainment Tonight.

"Khloe is completely devastated," the source said. "Tristan is [the] man Khloe built a life with and saw as her forever."

The source also told ET that Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, has flown out to Cleveland, Ohio to be with the pregnant star, who is due to give birth this month.

"[Kris is there] to be with her and support her in whatever she needs," they said, while another source told the publication that Kim Kardashian is also planning to fly out to be with Khloe this week.

For now, "the most important thing is Khloe having a healthy pregnancy," the source added, claiming that the couple's future together is currently up in the air.

On Tuesday (April 10), TMZ reported that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian with multiple women during her pregnancy, sharing photos of the alleged incident.

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