Kesha's new album, Rainbow, is about to change the world—at least, according to one of her producers.

Ricky Reed, who worked on the record alongside the pop star, spoke to PEOPLE magazine about Rainbow, where he shared that "some of the most emotional experiences I've had in the studio have been with Kesha."

"I mean, the world is not ready for the music that she’s making right now. It’s heart-stopping; I think it’s gonna change the world," he added.

"She's channeled so many experiences into just some of the most honest and powerful songs that I’ve ever been a part of," Reed continued of their collaboration. "I really think the world of her, and also, I can’t wait for the world to hear her sing the way she’s been singing in my studio. It really is a very, very special album. I’m just so honored to be a part of it."

In a special message written for Lenny Letter to coincide with the release of her single, "Praying," Kesha revealed Rainbow would contain the "most raw and real art" she has ever created.

"I am so happy and grateful to begin sharing all the music I have been writing with the world. I've written a record that reveals my vulnerabilities, and I have found strength in that," she wrote.

"In the past, I've always felt like I was trying to prove something, trying to be someone I thought people wanted me to be, but on this record, I'm just telling the truth about my life. This album is me. The most raw and real art I have ever created, and now it's my gift to you. I hope you love it. Thank you for not giving up on me."

Rainbow is due out August 11.

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