The emotional scarring that inspired Kelly Clarkson songs like "Because of You" and "Never Again" are nothing compared to the singer's most recent (and physical) scars — the Meaning of Life star revealed that her recovery from an emergency surgery just hours after hosting and performing at the the 2019 Billboard Music Awards has definitely not been a smooth one.

Clarkson, who'd been suffering through appendicitis in the days before her hosting duties, decided to power through the show, anyway (LEGEND/ICON ALERT!!!). Still, her heroism came at a cost, some serious pain and the type of scars that you'd only otherwise find on Harry Potter's forehead.

"Quick recap... recovering after surgery super duper sucks. Turns out I don’t “rest” well (so bored), pain meds make me feel a different kind of horrible 2 where I question if I’d just rather feel the pain instead, & 2 out of the 3 scars feel as if Lord Voldemort is always near," she tweeted Sunday night (May 5).

Still, her efforts didn't go unnoticed. BBMAs Executive Producer Mark Bracco said Clarkson's ability to suck it up and proceed with the show as planned took other-worldly resolve.

“Hosting an awards show is not an easy gig. For Kelly to pull it off — especially her incredible opening number — while in pain and knowing she was having surgery the next morning makes her an even bigger rock star,” he noted, according to People. “She truly is the best.”

A source added to the site: “Her team told producers ahead of the show during rehearsals and said that nothing will change, the show will go on, she will proceed as planned and she did do everything as planned. She was like ‘I’m going to power through.’ “

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