Kelloggsville is not a town – it’s a school district with parts in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. The high school is located in Wyoming, at 4787 Division Avenue.

It’s in this school where a particular haunting is said to take place.

Sometime during the 1960’s, a freshman girl was attending her math class when she passed out and died from a brain tumor. Since then, faculty members and students claim to feel some sort of ‘presence’ in that particular upstairs classroom, and various items would be moved or misplaced by unseen hands.

Years afterward, the rumor/story spread to a point where students began asking their teachers if this urban legend was true. In essence, an occasional teacher would say “yes, but the incident was covered up to prevent either scandal or bad vibes.”

This could either go two ways:
1) it really happened and was covered up or
2) the teachers were having fun pulling the wool over the eyes of the students.

According to one former student, the part of the building that contained the ‘haunted’ classroom has been demolished. I can’t confirm that – only someone from the area can.

So, the rumor persists and some students of Kelloggsville are keeping the legend alive.

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