Generally speaking, many dog owners enjoy spoiling their canine pals with fun toys, puppy play dates, extra cuddles and the occasional Starbucks pup cup (whipped cream).

One woman was a real "Karen" after spotting a dog owner sharing her dessert with her own four-legged friend in a restaurant.

Things spiraled quickly as the woman caused a scene, even threatening to "call the cops" to report the dog's whipped cream treat.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the dog owner was vacationing in France and had ordered pudding which was served with whipped cream on top.

"I got some on my finger, so I let her [the dog] lick it off because she loves that," the woman wrote, clarifying, "It was a FINGERTIP covered in whipped cream."

She then "heard the woman [at] the table next to me scoff and say something like‚ 'You should be ashamed of yourself'."

"I honestly didn't know what she meant or that she was even talking to me at first," the woman shared in her Reddit post.

"Since I didn't react, I assume she felt upset and literally got up to yell at me," the woman claimed, adding that the irate woman was speaking French.

"I'm not that fluent, so I didn't understand everything, but basically she said things like, 'I was killing my dog' or that [what] I was [doing] is what's wrong with modern dog owners."

Eventually, a waiter came over to see what all the commotion was about.

"He asked her to sit down, which is when she threatened to call the cops," the dog owner shared, adding to prove a point, she gave her dog another lick of the whipped cream.

"My mom's a Karen, so I'm pretty experienced in handling them," she continued. "I love provoking stupid people. Nothing happened. She just sat down again, but as she left, she walked past my table again and said something like‚ 'You'll be sad when your dog dies.' I just wished her a nice day."

Reddit users rallied behind the dog owner.

"Boy, how upset would she be at Starbucks and their puppuccinos? Maybe she should sue them. That would go well," one person wrote.

"I would argue 20 to 30 years ago, we used to feed our dogs way more dangerous food. I remember my dad putting his plate on the floor for my childhood dog to lick clean ... never once did someone question was there something on there they shouldn't have," another commented.

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