During his second Donda album listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta last week, Kanye West spent a few minutes seemingly spazzing on someone on his cellphone in the middle of the show. Now we know the story behind the impromptu phone call.

There's no Donda release yet, but two live listening events have occurred, the latter of which on Thursday night (Aug. 5) featured an instance in which ’Ye hopped on his phone and spoke passionately to whoever was on the other end while the album blared through the stadium speakers. Many people figured it was part of the show. It turns out it wasn't. On Saturday (Aug. 7), Kanye's frequent collaborating producer and engineer Mike Dean revealed the reason behind the mystery phone call.

Apparently, Kanye heard an issue in the mixing of a song during the playback and was hitting up Dean to correct it.

"He was actually calling me [for] a mix mistake!! Lol," Dean replied to a Twitter user who posted a screenshot of ’Ye on the phone in the middle of the event.

Similar to DaBaby's shoe identifying and ducking skills, fans were impressed by Kanye's ability to hear a small error while listening to the album over stadium speakers in an arena. "Love getting the backstory on these," one fan replied. "Also how the fuck does Kanye hear a mistake in the mix in that stadium."

"Dude are you serious I was wondering if he was actually talking to someone," another person wrote. "[Plus] he looked a little mad."

"I just can’t stop thinking about hoe this dude probably called you with the stadium speakers blaring like 'AYO THE HI HATS TOO LOW IN THE MIX MIKE,'" someone else added.

Though the Donda album was supposed to drop on July 23, and again on Aug. 6, it appears the LP is still a work in progress. Most likely due to ’Ye's perfectionist ways, as evidenced with his mid-event phone call. There's been no official word from Kanye on the actual release date. However, the album is currently listed as dropping on Aug. 15 via iTunes.

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