Kanye West has officially converted to Christianity.

In a video submitted to TMZ on Sunday (Oct. 13), we can see the G.O.O.D. Music founder's surprise trip to George Washington University, which took place hours after popping up at Howard University. Much like he did at Howard, 'Ye invited the student body to the Lisner Auditorium to hear his new album Jesus Is King. During the listening session, 'Ye addressed the crowd about his intentions with his music going forward and confirmed that he was saved earlier this year.

"Jay-Z had a line that said 'Forced into sports or entertainment,'" Kanye says in the video. "I want to let you guys know that I'm not here for your entertainment this afternoon. I'm here to spread the gospel. Excuse me if I mispronounce anything. I'm a recent convert, which means I recently got saved this year."

Kanye received plenty of cheers of support after revealed that he truly found God. Later on in the video, 'Ye can be heard quoting numerous scriptures from the bible. His love for the Lord is also evident in his new music. Clips of several songs from Jesus Is King can be heard throughout the video. Some of the tunes draw inspiration from the church from the soulful choir hooks to the holy bars.

'Ye's apparent pivot to Christianity has been on display throughout 2019 thanks to his weekly Sunday Services. Prior to his holy crusade across the country, Kanye's love for God's son wasn't a big secret. Most of his fans assumed he was Christian after he released his song "Jesus Walks" back in 2004 on his debut all The College Dropout. 

Watch 'Ye embrace the fact that he's a true man of god below.

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